7 Insights Into The Google Search Algorithm

7 Insights Into The Google Search Algorithm

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a fly on the wall inside Google? Lead Analysts from Google recorded their Quality Launch Review late last year, where they discussed how the search engine’s algorithm responds to long phrases and misspelled search queries. Recorded in Mountain View, California, here are seven of the video highlights:

  • More calculations go into a single set of search results than it took to put a man on the moon
  • More than 1000 person years of labour have gone into developing the Google Search Algorithm
  • A dedicated analyst is assigned to study the impact of each search engine ranking change
  • In 2011, Google launched roughly 520 quality improvements and ran over 58 888 quality experiments
  • Google’s algorithm changes impact more than 100 languages and locales, everything from Kiswahili to French
  • Google changed Suggest to Autocomplete in 2010
  • Queries more than 10 words long are usually cut from elsewhere and pasted into the search box

You can watch the video here:

While some of the points shared are very basic observations, they give great behind-the-scenes insight into the mammoth operational efforts behind something we take for granted daily, and the people responsible for it.

For me, this video was a reminder of the ever-changing nature of search and motivation to keep me on my toes in anticipation of the inevitable algorithm updates to come.

What about you? Was there anything in the video that surprised you, or gave you something to think about?

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