A Lesson in Conversion Optimisation [Video]

A Lesson in Conversion Optimisation [Video]


Say hello to Mr George Brown. He is a business person like you and I, one who is stressed out from the pressure from his board of directors demanding to know when the business will perform. As you can see, he isn’t happy.

George is not the type of guy to call it quits, he believes in taking steps to fix problems one step at a time – the first step is his website! So he goes about researching, asking people for opinions and does a lot of learning to equip him with the best knowledge. However even though George does a lot of research, he makes 3 critical mistakes – which unfortunately many other business owners, marketing directors and alike make due to lack of experience.

Amy and Jeff go through the journey of George to teach you what mistakes he will make so that you can avoid these common pitfalls and how to get more sales and enquiries to your website. You can watch the pre-recorded webinar here:

Links mentioned in webinar:

  1. Blog article for how to write a good USP
  2. Preview of Oopgo tool

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