A More Mobile Focus Required?

A More Mobile Focus Required?

A recent survey has suggested that internet marketers need to focus more on the mobile marketing sector. Although hardly revolutionary thoughts, the actual numbers to come out of this report are very interesting.
According to the survey, here are the numbers:
–    41% of Internet marketing companies do not have plans in place for mobile marketing for the upcoming year
–    Social networking use has climbed from 23 to 44 per cent
–    Twitter presence has increased from 7 to 35 per cent

These numbers are nothing outside what has been shown in other surveys, however the most interesting number is that only 11 percent of those businesses surveyed actually planned to invest in the mobile sector.

The ramifications of ignoring a large percentage of your user base can be seen in many ways. From not having a site that can be used on a mobile browser, to not having a presence to defend (or market) yourself on Twitter, the pitfalls are many. This will be keenly felt by companies that are trying to target a younger, or more tech savvy market share. Young people are often impatient with sites that don’t display well,  so if they don’t see a friendly version of the site for their mobile browser, they’re not going to hang around.

You can actually track the browsers people use to access your site via Google Analytics. A quick tip would be to look at the bounce rates of your users when looking at the browsers they use. If you see that the mobile users are bouncing at a much higher rate, then you know you’ll need to make sure you better deliver your content for that device.

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