A review of OntraPort and Office AutoPilot – is it worth the money?

A review of OntraPort and Office AutoPilot – is it worth the money?

A few months ago, we started using OntraPort / OfficeAutoPilot, and I thought it would be good to share our experience with you.

Going back a few months, we had way too many systems happening. We had three CRMs, three autoresponders and two separate PayPal shopping carts (and five of everything else).  Whenever we wanted to communicate with our list, we had no option but to send everyone the same thing.

This sucked because we’d want to do certain promotions to new clients but not annoy our existing clients.  With the disparate systems we had, there was no easy way to do this.

Also, whenever someone brought something from us, we’d have to remember to MANUALLY go into our CRM and autoresponder and move them to a different list, and a lot of the time we just plain forgot to do that.  Bummer.

We were also setting up a membership site to give people access to certain training materials, and this meant another disparate system…. How would we track who had access to what modules, and how to do up-sells and cross sells?  Impossible.

So we went on the hunt for solutions.  We first thought we would need to hire a development team to do what we needed our systems to do (email marketing communication with everyone on an individual basis and send them relevant offers).  I was getting nervous thinking about how long this would take (and how much it would cost!)

Then we came across office autopilot, which was a breath of fresh air.    We found one system that can automatically tag our contacts based on their interest levels and previous actions, and then automatically follow-up with them and only send them relevant email marketing communication (no more “buy my stuff” emails when they just brought something yesterday!)

We also tested their email deliverability using emailreach, and sending to 96 different domains, we got a 100% delivery rate.  Cool bananas!

We use their shopping cart and form designer every day, and we’re starting to build a membership site on their platform as well.

The automation is phenomenal.  When we host a webinar, we send a strategic sequence of 5 emails and 2 SMS text reminders (all without lifting a finger – it’s set and forget).  We’re getting on average about 50% of people to actually attend our free webinars, which is way higher than others in our industry, and the more people in a webinar, the better J

Office AutoPilot can do a million other things as well, I think we’re only using 20% of what it can actually do…..we’re onto it and learning new things every day.

The best thing about Office AutoPilot is the price – you’re getting a CRM, AutoResponder, Shopping Cart, WordPress membership site, affiliate management and task automation for only a few hundred bucks a month – unbelievable value.  We had no hesitation to pull out the credit card and sign up.

What next?

I recently interviewed Rochelle Yoshida-Hahn, VP Customer Experience at Office AutoPilot, and she took me behind the scenes to show me what other top online marketers around the globe are doing differently to the average.

Click here to watch the interview

Also, if you’d like to try out OntraPort or Office autopilot for a month, click here

We’re throwing in a complementary ticket to our full day Email Marketing Bootcamp course (valued at $1997) for anyone who tries out Office AutoPilot for a month using our link.

Once you’ve signed up with OAP using our link, just forward your welcome email to [email protected] and we’ll give you instant access to watch our Email Marketing bootcamp.

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