Ad Preview Tool Integrates Ad Diagnosis

Ad Preview Tool Integrates Ad Diagnosis

In a previous post last year, I wrote about the Google Ad Preview Tool and how it is a great tool to check up on your live ads without negatively affecting your PPC data.

For a quick AdWords terminology refresh:

Ad Preview Tool allows an advertiser to view live AdWords PPC campaign ads without affecting the data of impressions, clicks, Click Through Rate (CTR) and Quality Score (QS).

Ad Diagnosis Tool allows an advertiser to gain insights specific to search queries and ads based on AdWords account data. The tool takes into account the different factors that may impact the display of ads, and provides feedback and suggestions on how to improve their performance. So if your ads are not appearing in the search results, Ad Diagnosis will provide information as to why this is the case. You may find that your Quality Score is too low, your average bid is too low, or your geo targeting is not reaching your target market.

There is now a new version of Ad Preview Tool which integrates Ad Diagnosis so you don’t have to use the tools separately. In addition to displaying the ads for your particular search, the tool now specifically confirms whether your ad is showing and links to the relevant campaign and ad group. If your ad is not showing, it will provide your with help and guidelines to adjust certain aspects to your campaign account.

Both these tools are fantastic to use on their own to review and refine AdWords campaigns. Now that they can be wielded together, the advantages are even greater.

You can check out the new version of Ad Preview Tool in your AdWords account, under the Reporting and Tools tab. Or just go directly to Ad Preview and see what Google can do to help you lower your cost per acquisition and improve AdWords ROI.

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