All Hands on Deck: Getting Your Employees to Help with Link Building

All Hands on Deck: Getting Your Employees to Help with Link Building

It’s common knowledge that link building plays an important role in succeeding in Search Engine Marketing. The active word in the term is ‘building’ so we know that it’s an ongoing process that needs a concerted effort overtime. This article summarises 10 ways in which you can capatilise on a powerful resource you have at your fingertips, your employees. There are many reasons to invest time and resources into link building for your site, two of the most important being; strong rankings and establishing barriers to entry for your competitors.

1. Posting Presentations Online
If an employee creates a presentation deck or slideshow, put it online.
•    Post a conference presentation on the relevant website
•    Submit it to sites like Scribd and Docstoc
•    Post it on your blog
•    Social bookmark it
•    Share it on your twitter and Facebook profiles

2. Event/Seminar/Conference Websites
Add relevant company and employee information up on the associated website. Maximise the effect and specify the anchor text of the link pointing back to your site with relevant keywords. Spread the word using social media.

3. Personal Profiles/Blogs
•    Encourage employees who have their own personal website or blog to add a brief about the company and a link back to the site.
•    Get all employees to create accounts on  Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and link to the company site through them

4. Employee Networks
Strategise how you might be able to tap into your employees’ networks to see if there are opportunities to acquire links. Run competitions, advertise for partnerships etc.

5. Link Lead Generation
Link lead generate through your employees who would be visiting lots of websites whether they are at work or at home. Encourage people to look for opportunities to gain a links or ways to market the website and/or promote the company.

6. Expert Articles
Investing some time into creating an authoritative article, whitepaper, or piece of content which can be used as a great form of ‘linkbait’.

7. Guest Blogging
Get in touch with popular bloggers in your industry and see if they accept guest posts.

8. Blog/Forum Participation
Encourage employees to read and participate in relevant industry blogs and forums.

9. Re-purpose Old Content
If you are lucky enough to have a heap of potential website content sitting around (in both electronic and hard copy formats) plan to repurpose it. Build it all up and use it for blog and content submission sites.

10. Social Media
Encourage all employees to engage on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Get your employees to share fresh content through with their networks. Socially bookmark the content as well to get a multiplier effect.

Whatever you do, it is important to have a link building plan as part of your online marketing strategy. Work hard in the beginning to systemise ways to do this easily and/or establish a culture of link builders in your company and you won’t be far from SEM success.

Click here for the full article by Matt Thompson that inspired this post.

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