Are You Ready for the New AdWords Interface?

Are You Ready for the New AdWords Interface?

If you haven’t already checked your email, last night you would have received an email from Google AdWords, telling you that you have at least 30 days before they permanently switch over the current interface to a new version that has been designed to make life easier for you.

If you are like many out there that have been working with the current AdWords interface and have become comfortable with it, in particular those who have tried doing PPC themselves instead of through an agency, this new change can be daunting to say the least. It sort of looks familiar, yet it’s completely different and you wonder why they changed it in the first place when the current interface was working fine. Welcome to the ever changing world of AdWords!

Some of the changes include:

– The way you add/edit ads and keywords
– The way you edit budgets
– The way you create/edit campaign settings
– The layout in reviewing your campaign

If you have started using the new interface, you’ll notice that there are still a number of things missing in it, along with it taking significantly longer to load than the current interface. It will take some time getting use to the new interface (even with it’s similarities to Google Analytics). With this transition, it’s a good opportunity for those who have been thinking of outsourcing their PPC management to do it now rather than later once this change becomes permanent, and you are forced to invest in time that you may not have to learn a new system.

For more information about the new interface, click here.

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