Are You Taking Image Search Seriously?

Are You Taking Image Search Seriously?

The first thing that many people address when it comes to improving their exposure on search engines is the position of their keywords on the SERPs. Time is devoted to link building, content writing, and reaching out to partner and affiliate websites. Add this to the fact that everyone is clamouring to jump onto the social aspect of the Internet (we are looking at you Facebook & Twitter), webmasters overlook the power of pictures and video.

Why You Need to Make Sure Your Images are Optimised

The simple answer is to take advantage of many image-based searches that conducted often online. Not only that, in many cases, these images are positioned above-the-fold (before you have to scroll down) and sometimes even above those that are position 1 for a particular keyword!

This strategy is not exactly applicable for every industry, but we thought we would list a few that could definitely benefit:

  • Online Clothing Retailers – When it comes to buying clothes online, you can never have too many pictures. But if you run garment based searches (little black dress, designer denim jeans, etc) you will see there are plenty of images that are displayed.
  • Car Models – Whenever a new make or model is announced, many rev heads want to know basically two things: how it looks and how it goes. So if you have optimised your images for queries like this: new golf gti, 1969 ford mustang you have a fantastic chance of being clicked on because the answer is right there up the top.
  • Furniture – Think of the exposure you could have if you might not have the time or resources to go after some highly competitive keywords such as kitchen tables, but have the ability to optimise your entire image gallery for a greater chance in having them appear above-the-fold.

I don’t really want to use the tired cliché here but rather than these images telling a thousand words, they can definitely lead to thousands of additional visitors to your website.

But I am a Celebrity, Why do I Need Image Search?

Oh this is an easy one – it can be incorporated into your online reputation strategy. If there are many images of you that you do not want people to find, you can work with a team of SEO specialists to do all they can to make sure the images you want to come up in front of those you are not too proud of is an actual reality. Wouldn’t that be nice?

The Big Question – Will I Get More Web Enquiries if I do this?

Well any reputable search marketer will never give you a guarantee with any online marketing adventure. But due to the low costs in getting this done (renaming files, internal and external linking strategies, alt tags, and including meta/geo tagging inside the image) it is probably something your team should make time to implement.
You can use your web traffic tools (Google Analytics for instance) to monitor traffic if you tag the links appropriately and take a web traffic snapshot before you begin.

INTERESTING NOTE: Some image-based searches actually do not appear as search engine traffic but rather appear as “Referring Websites.” If you want to include it as part of your organic search traffic, talk to your web analytics programmer to make sure they have made the appropriate changes to the javascript code.

After you have done that, you can run the experiment for 3 months, collect the data (especially your conversion based data) and compare it to all visits coming from any image based search (not just Google – if you haven’t already, have a look at Bing’s Image Search tool. Very sexy). If there has been an increase, you can talk to your search marketing team to make sure every image from here on in will be optimised according to the elements listed above.

For the SEOs – Have you tried this?

We would love to hear feedback from those that have tried this technique and achieved great results. Feel free to leave a comment and share with our readership how Image search has benefited your campaign.

If you have any further questions about it, feel free to contact us for more information about how we can help you implement these suggestions for your website.

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