Bargains on Social Media

Bargains on Social Media

Social media tools are becoming ever more popular amongst businesses throughout Australia as a way of offering special promotional deals and offers to their loyal fan base and followers.
Adding this additional interactive level with customers not only continues to build on your company’s brand awareness, and improve customer satisfaction but also encourages customers to continually purchase your products or services when they may not have until this particular ‘deal’ or ‘promotion’ caught their attention.

National Brand/Marketing Manager of EB Games, Debra McGrath talks about how EB Games distributes exclusive beta codes and offers through its ‘tweets’ on Twitter, which now has over 6000 followers. Their objective with social media was to make the user experience on these networks fun, useful and enhance their customer’s experience, with no particular focus on revenue goals.

Smart marketers know how powerful and influential word-of-mouth can be, and utilising social media to encourage this continual word of mouth, promotes interaction with customers in a simple way which will make aid in getting your brand name out there.

Twitter has proven a real hit for online promotions and brand awareness for Virgin Blue and Jetstar which actively offer specials deals and offers with their followers. Fast growing pizza chain Crust,  has a ‘Free Pizza Friday’ competition, getting fans to tweet ‘I’m entering @ Crust-Pizza # CrustFreePizzaFriday’, for the chance to win five free pizzas for that night.                                                                                                              Chief Executive, Michael Logos from Crust stated that although it was hard to track the exact revenue that came in from their online presence, Crust chains have definitely noticed the increase in sales as well as enjoying the increased ability to communicate with customers in real time.

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