BlackBerry Tablet to Launch

BlackBerry Tablet to Launch

Rumour has it that Research In Motion (RIM), the maker of the BlackBerry smartphone, plans to tap into the growing mobile tablet market that is currently dominated by Apple’s iPad. According to a source said to be familiar with the company’s plans, RIM will launch their as yet unnamed tablet during November of this year.

With Apple’s tablet selling more than 3 million units within the first two months of its launch, RIM is under pressure to bring out a rival product before Apple releases the next generation iPad, and so claiming an even larger market share.

Rumour has it that RIM’s tablet will be named the ‘Blackpad’, have roughly the same dimensions as the iPad, and be priced from $499 USD.

As for differences, apparently the system will not be able to connect directly to mobile networks, while many iPads can. And the Blackpad will feature a front and back facing camera for easy to use video conferencing.

RIM hopes that this product will capitalise on the BlackBerry’s email capabilities and its enduring popularity with corporate users.

However, given the disparity of Apple and RIM’s target demographics, it’s doubtful whether November will see crazed fans waiting in a line all night for the Blackpad to go on sale.

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