5 Factors to Avoid When Optimising a Website

5 Factors to Avoid When Optimising a Website

When optimising a website, it is easy to fall into a few negative traps. An article written by Jolina, from Online Marketing expresses how there are 5 prominent factors, which one can follow in order to avoid falling into these tricky traps and get the most out of your online advertising campaigns you are investing in.

Maintain open communication between your Web Developer and your SEO Client Manager

When building or redesigning a new website, huge benefit can be found in maintaining open communication with your SEO company. Your SEO company can help work with you to build a website which is enjoyed by your potential clients, portrays your brand, and has an SEO friendly back end system. Designing a new website is a team effort having both the web developer and the SEO team’s input will ensure your website looks great, is user friendly, converts business into leads and sales, all at the same time has great potential to get a lot of exposure within the search engines.

Stale content

When writing content the best way to satisfy and impress the search engines is to continually add fresh and unique content to your website. By doing this, Google sees that the website is being monitored, where up to date information is constantly being provided for the visitors. Website needs ongoing care and attention to stay proactive, for a company to maintain the leader in the industry they must have a dynamic and proactive website that is continually updated. Thinking literally, why would Google want to send their searches to a stale website that has not been updated for months opposed to a updated and fresh website? Google values websites who provide new content for the searches to read and will rank you accordingly. A stale website will only keep your website successful for the short term and will limit its potential to grow and become the leader in the long term stages of the website. Don’t let your competitors out write you or succeed you in key word phrases!

Engage in poor analytics packages

It is advised to run two analytics programs on your website with one of them being a Google Analytics program. Often websites have analytics packages which do not provide comprehensive data. In situations like this, if you have one or more packages, with one being Google Analytics, you have the opportunity to look at unique capabilities and observe the campaign from different angles. You can also look at the two packages and use the best data from each to help inform decisions. Also in the event of analytics loss you can then have back up data to ensure important information is not lost..

Focus on particular phrases

It is important not to get carried away with the desire to get a particular keyword ranking. Sometimes people determine the success of an online campaign by a particular phrase or keyword because they ‘think’ it is will increase business not because data will predict it will drive traffic. Therefore we should not cling onto a keyword for potential success. As you express your desire for a particular keyword to be ranking to your SEO firm they will want to achieve this for you, where ideally your SEO firm should be investing time and energy on rankings that will drive traffic and increase the overall success of the campaign.  Determining your success to only one keyword will limit your return and dilute your SEO campaign and potentially prevent you from achieving you campaign goals.

Limiting success factors

It is important to ensure your SEO, PPC, PR campaigns, TV ads, pamphlet and any other marketing groups you are investing in are aware of each other. There are many ways each initiative can benefit and learn from the other, but if they do not communicate together exchange is unlikely to happen. For example, your PPC partner and your SEO partner should be in communication exchanging information such as, high converting key phrases. The information can benefit both campaigns and save time and money.

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We’ve been in the digital marketing field for over 18 years and worked with hundreds of Australian (and international) businesses to grow their web presence. Specialising in SEO, search ads (PPC), social media, content marketing, email marketing and conversion rate optimisation.
E-Web Marketing
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E-Web Marketing

We’ve been in the digital marketing field for over 18 years and worked with hundreds of Australian (and international) businesses to grow their web presence. Specialising in SEO, search ads (PPC), social media, content marketing, email marketing and conversion rate optimisation.

  • Posted at 4:15 pm, September 14, 2009

    Targeting the right keywords is really important on SEO. The whole effort will be useless once you find out there are other keywords that have more potential on driving traffic to the site.

  • Posted at 11:29 pm, September 14, 2009

    I particularly like the point that we tend to write the content and forget about it, Usually content is so difficult to commit to, that once its done we are glad thats over.

    Don’t let the fear of bad grammar stop you from adding tons of content.

    Also I like the point that you should be aware of what phrases you are showing up on instead of trying to show up for the phrases you want.

    This way you can build momentum on the pages that are working for you.

    Very informative article…

    Thanks & Regards
    Noel from nopun.com
    a professional graphic design studio

  • Rimal Suarav
    Posted at 1:09 am, September 17, 2009

    I agree with Noel, doesn’t matter if the grammar is terrible, adding lots and lots of content (keyword rich content) does help improve the ranking.

    Also it is very important to have incoming links to that page from good quality websites.

  • SEO content writers
    Posted at 9:08 pm, September 20, 2009

    @seo specialist: I think you’re right, but still, seo is for people so writers need to pay attention to how your content is written. Small grammar misses are okay, but I’ve seen many websites with terrible content. Now, those sites, I don’t want to visit again.

  • SEO Birmingham
    Posted at 4:57 am, September 27, 2009

    Content is content, Google don’t care. But sure for the benefits of your users it needs to be of a decent standard.

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