Google has announced on their Webmaster Central Blog that they have now introduced Video Sitemaps support. In our effort to help users search all the world's public videos, the Google Video team joined the Sitemaps folks to introduce Video Sitemaps—an extension of the Sitemap Protocol that helps make your videos more searchable via Google Video Search. By submitting this video-specific Sitemap in addition to your standard...

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In a tremendous article at Search Engine Land, Danny Sullivan discusses the details of “blended search”. This is a term Sullivan uses to describe the new wave of changes to the search results. Once solely the domain of web pages, SERPs are increasingly showing results from other mediums: maps, images, videos, blogs, news sites, and so on. Google’s SERP is the most well known for returning blended results,...

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In an interesting change of events, Google has introduced a brand new facility in the Webmaster Central area that allows for a site owner to record the geographic location of their website and its intended audiences. The benefit of this new feature is that Australian's who utilise cheap web hosting overseas, along with generic .com domain extensions, can now start to be acknowledged as Australian, thus...

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