How To Change Your Business Name on Facebook

How To Change Your Business Name on Facebook

Have you recently re-branded your business? Changed your business name entirely? at your Facebook Page name perhaps? Regardless of which category you fall into, there’s a good chance you’ll want to edit your Facebook Page name to either reflect the changes or rectify the error.

Now, at first this might seem like a straightforward endeavour – surely you just have to edit your profile… right?

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as that. In fact, for those of us with over 200 ‘likes’, changing your Facebook Page name is not an easy task. The Facebook Help Centre doesn’t provide much assistance either, with the only answer to changing your name being that, well, you can’t.

This is clearly a big problem for businesses that have spent time and effort building their fan base. Indeed, many businesses I have spoken to have had to create an entirely new page from scratch and while they can ask existing fans to ‘like’ the new page, the conversion rate of an attempt such as that is slim.

I had a client who was recently in this situation. They changed the name of their business then they updated the website following SEO guidelines when rebranding a company in order to not lose any traffic, their direct marketing materials and their logo accordingly.

However, when they tried to update their Facebook name, they hit a wall. They simply couldn’t do it and thought that the only solution was to delete the page entirely and start from scratch with the new name.

Because I like to see myself as a social media superwoman, I took it upon myself to save the day and save their Facebook page from imminent deletion. I’m happy to report that in the end, I was able to help them change their business name on Facebook AND keep all their fans. It was the ultimate win-win scenario.

What you’ll need before you start:

  • Current page name
  • Desired page name. You must ensure that your new name meets the Page Name Guidelines
  • The reason for changing (i.e.: are you adding more information to your page name? Re-branding your page? Fixing a spelling error?)
  • Documentation showing the name and address of your business that proves authenticity such as a phone bill

Step by Step Process

**Updated for 2017**

To request a change to your Page’s name:
  1. Click About on the left side of your Page
    step 1
  2. Click Edit Page Info
    step 2
    a new window will open
    step 2.1
  3. Enter a new Page name and click Save Changes
    STEP 3
  4. Review your request and click Request Change


Old Method of Changing Facebook name

How to change your Facebook page name:

1. Navigate to the Facebook page you want to change.
2. In the Admin Panel, click on Edit Page then click on Update Public Info.
3. Next to your current Page name is a link titled ‘Request Change’. Click on this link.
4. Follow the prompts to the form ‘I need to change the name of my Page’. Ensure that you check the relevant boxes and select what your page represents, in this case, ‘A business or company’.


5. Enter your current Page name.

6. Enter your desired Page name. Select your name carefully because you can only change names once!

7. Select the reason for changing your Page name from the drop down menu.


8. Upload an official document
This helps prove that the name of your business has changed. Accepted documents include phone bills, utility bills or of course, business name registration forms.

9. Click send.

After you have completed these steps, you will receive an email from Facebook stating that they may be able to help with your request and that changes may take up to 3 days to process. In my case, I received a response the next day informing me that the name change had been approved! Mission successful.


This situation shows that using Facebook to promote your company can be quite a challenge, most of company owners already have a lot of things to think about and just don’t spend enough time using social media as a communication channel.

If you aren’t seeing any results out of your efforts on social media, it might be time to look for a Social Media Management service that will come up with strategies to drive valuable traffic to your website and handle with small problems like this one.

I hope this post helps you in your Facebook name changing endeavours – if so, comment below!

** UPDATE ** – The ‘page info’ page has been updated since this post was written. To find the page request link, access your ‘Page Info’ page, and then click on ‘edit’ in the ‘Name’ row, as shown below:

Facebook request change link

** NOTE FOR READERS ** if these steps don’t work for you, unfortunately we cannot help you any further. Please don’t comment or call us for support as we are not Facebook. 

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We’ve been in the digital marketing field for over 18 years and worked with hundreds of Australian (and international) businesses to grow their web presence. Specialising in SEO, search ads (PPC), social media, content marketing, email marketing and conversion rate optimisation.

  • Liz
    Posted at 4:28 am, May 2, 2013

    Hi Katarina,
    The request name change link was showing up for me last time I checked on April 18th. I was just waiting to finalize some other branding changes before I submitted the form. Now, the request change link is gone! It looks like Facebook may have changed this policy in the last two weeks…any ideas?

    • Posted at 2:28 pm, May 10, 2013

      Hi Liz,

      Thanks for your comment and apologies for not replying until now!

      I’m not sure why you can’t see the link, I just had a look on a few different accounts that I admin and it’s there for me. Perhaps someone else already submitted a change request that wasn’t approved by Facebook?

      – Katarina

    • Lauren
      Posted at 4:47 pm, May 17, 2013

      The same exact thing happened to me. Any ideas?? Please help.

  • Gary
    Posted at 8:46 pm, August 13, 2013

    I do not have the tab Update Public Info only Update Page Info ??? Help

  • JM
    Posted at 7:58 am, October 31, 2013

    Very useful article. Wish I had found it before I had created a FBook page for the new business name. Getting them to delete the new page then change the old one to the deleted page’s name may be insurmountable…

  • Peg
    Posted at 9:41 am, December 4, 2013

    I do photography as a hobby and want to change my Facebook page. Therefore, I don’t have a phone bill with my business name. Now, how can I change the name?

    • Posted at 11:33 am, December 10, 2013

      Hi Peg,

      Have you registered your photography business anywhere? Unfortunately, from the research I’ve done, it doesn’t look like you can change a business page on Facebook without a legal document.

      Sorry I couldn’t be any more help!

  • P
    Posted at 6:46 am, January 7, 2014

    Can’t it be done anymore (got 3000+ followers

  • johnny
    Posted at 5:41 am, February 19, 2014

    K, Were you able to keep your business LIKES when you changed your FB business name? I heard that you had to delete your business page and start over if you had over 100 LIKES. Also, do you have any idea why I do not have the option to add email for FB notifications? Thanks, J

    • Katarina Ilic
      Posted at 5:37 am, June 19, 2014

      Hi there, all your likes should remain as is. If you do have over 200 likes then you can only change your business name on Facebook once, however if you have less I believe you can change it more!

      In terms on email notifications, that should just be an option in settings 🙂

  • Erin N Ben Brubacher
    Posted at 8:20 am, February 26, 2014

    what do i do if i do all of the things listed and after submitting is says “loading” continually? do I start over?

    • Katarina Ilic
      Posted at 5:38 am, June 19, 2014

      Hi Erin,

      Apologies for the late response – hopefully this has been sorted by now! Nothing more frustrating than the never ending loading sign, unfortunately you usually have to resubmit.

  • Alan
    Posted at 7:03 pm, April 9, 2014

    I have done all of the above I had an email saying it would take about 2weeks to change, is there anyway of contacting to see what the hold up could be?

    • Katarina Ilic
      Posted at 5:39 am, June 19, 2014

      Hi Alan,

      Unfortunately contacting Facebook is not easy – at all! I have tried many times and haven’t been able to.

  • Annette Hawkins
    Posted at 1:26 am, June 11, 2014

    Is it possible to change the name of my page (I’m the only admin) if I don’t have any documents as I’m only a small online business? (I have no phone bills etc with names of business on them) Thanks

    • Katarina Ilic
      Posted at 5:41 am, June 19, 2014

      Hi Annette,

      That might be tricky, I’ve never tried to change the name without the supporting documentation. Maybe try with a letterhead if you have one that shows your business name/logo?

  • Posted at 11:19 pm, July 2, 2014

    Hi Annette,
    The page I admin has 300+ likes so I went through the process of requesting a name change. After going through the process and submitting I get to a screen that says:
    “This content is currently unavailable
    The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.”

    Are you familiar with this issue?

    • Ricky
      Posted at 3:27 am, July 23, 2014

      I am getting the same thing Mark, I click the link to request change and it just takes me to Sorry, this page isn’t available

      The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed.

  • Posted at 7:54 am, July 31, 2014

    I get the same message. Sorry, this page isn’t available

    The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed. Katarina can you please check to see if this is still possible?

  • Katarina Ilic
    Posted at 11:52 pm, August 6, 2014

    Hi Mark,

    Is this happening after you have entered all the information, acknowledged the terms and conditions etc and clicked ‘send’?

    Unfortunately none of the pages I manage need to have names changed so I can’t test it myself, but if there is an error following the send button then there’s something wrong on Facebook’s end!

  • Posted at 1:25 pm, August 10, 2014

    Hi, I desperately need your help. I changed my business name, and did not know that facebook it’s gona give me such a hard time with it, I click the link to request change and itt takes me to Sorry, this page isn’t available. Please help me do this!
    Thank you!

  • Posted at 3:43 am, May 31, 2017

    Let me start out by saying that I would be willing to pay someone to get this done! I have been trying to accomplish this for the past week by following the exact steps outlined above. Needless to say, I have made no progress and Facebook has not responded to any of my multiple inquiries.

    Here are the facts: I built a following of roughly 11,200 on Facebook through a page entitled The username for this account was @TPRaceShop.

    More recently, I changed my company name to Facebook was kind enough to let me change the username to @1320Connect, however I have yet to successfully change the actual page name to 1320Connect.

    What’s the end result? I currently have a Facebook page name of and username of 1320Connect. Yeah, that lends itself to success! Can you help?

    • Cillian Bracken-Conway
      Posted at 12:07 am, June 1, 2017

      Hi Tom, we would be happy to help. Please send us a private message on

      and we will get back to you asap.

  • Posted at 8:41 am, August 17, 2017

    Thank you so much for this information. Big cuber hug. I was going slightly mad trying to work it out.

  • Panchali Dasunika Joseph
    Posted at 3:44 pm, July 29, 2018

    I can’t change my fb page name but i must change it recently. Please help me..please..

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