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Access to Google owned YouTube was cut off on Sunday in China due to the uploading of graphic images and videos from Tibet, where trucks were pictured burning and monks were getting drafted through the streets by Chinese soldiers.

Blocking Western based websites is quite normal for China, where the government has always controlled the flow of information amongst its residents.

The government of Pakistan inadvertently caused the majority of the world to lose access to the popular video sharing site YouTube for up to several hours on Sunday, after a botched attempt to block the site from being accessed by its own residents. The problem occurred because the government ordered a Pakistani telecommunications company, amongst 70 others), to route YouTube traffic into a black hole – i.e. trying to load a page or video from the site would be as if the site itself did not exist. The reason behind the directive was not clearly specified but it believed to be concerning a movie trailer for an upcoming release that is quite controversial in regards to Islam.

As posted on The Hollywood Reporter Google's YouTube has announced that it is expanding its Partners Program, a project first launched in May that lets users who upload videos to the site share in revenue created from their content. The service, that monetises videos through semi-transparent overlay ads and banner ads, was invite only for the first few months but is now open to any user...

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