BP Use PR Power to Save the Environment, Own Image

BP Use PR Power to Save the Environment, Own Image

Apparently there was an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico little while ago. A big one.

Admittedly, I’m a little out of touch with current events, unless of course they relate to search engine marketing. Which is how I came to hear rumours of this alleged oil spill – according to articles on online marketing sites, BP caused a massive environmental disaster on May 19 with the accidental detonation of one of their offshore drilling rigs.

What interests me as an Internet marketer is how BP is fighting the public relations fallout of their Gulf catastrophe with an extremely aggressive online PR campaign. The oil giant’s level of commitment to the damage control of their brand name online is extraordinarily comprehensive.

For a start, the BP website has undergone a revamp, with the creation of a new section dedicated to the disaster. There are daily news updates and blog posts, press releases and videos, and the interface capability for site visitors to share information on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

BP’s Facebook page is also being utilised as part of a social media initiative dedicated to minimising bad press. The company has also bought the keyword phrase “oil spill” in Google AdWords, so when a user of Google.com enters that search query, a PPC ad runs linking back to the BP website.

A quick look at the page’s source code reveals that even some SEO work has been done to optimise the site’s relevant keywords.

After looking around the BP site, I’m forced to concede that the company’s apparent ongoing dedication to cleaning up their spilled oil is impressive – almost as impressive as the effort they’re putting in to make sure that everyone knows about it.

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