Bridging the Gap Between Offline & Online Marketing

Bridging the Gap Between Offline & Online Marketing

We’re in the digital age, where consumers seeking to inform themselves of the latest trends may turn to the internet – search engines, niche topic blogs and websites with tailored content – before traditional channels such as print media.

Whilst the journey of conversion may end either online (such as an eCommerce purchase or submitting an enquiry form) or offline (a showroom visit or a phone call to the advertiser,) the initial research often begins with a keyboard and mouse.

Many advertisers have a significant offline brand presence, sourcing their most lucrative incremental business from referrals. Has your business dealt with the challenge which is porting some of that offline strength to the online space?

Hard-earned industry awards your business wins are an example of offline branding that can be leveraged in your digital marketing. This is the forum where today’s generation of decision makers starts their primary intelligence gathering.

Are you like me? If I hear how awesome Brand ‘A’ is, by reflex I go straight online to substantiate the testimonial; using search engine results, blogs and social platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. Can your Brand be validated by an adequate digital presence?

E-web Marketing practises what I preach above. Our Director, Gary Ng, has won numerous Awards (including those from BRW and Deloittes.) Events and supporting print media articles are definitely offline marketing, but the ‘conversation’ they start is online. Someone hears of or reads about Gary’s latest accolade in offline media, then goes online to check it out. Are your online credentials current?

When prospects initially discover our client’s brand, we aim to have our client’s website easily found in an online search. Once visited the prospect should be satisfied with credible website content that the next logical step is to make that online purchase, fill out the online enquiry form, or pick up the phone and call.

Preceding generations saw marketing in the offline space. Successful marketing today, is limited neither to online or offline – it’s a fusion of both spaces.

Daniel Buckley is a passionate advocate of online marketing and he’s the Director of Sales at E-Web Marketing in Sydney.

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