Browser Wars: Chrome VS Safari

Browser Wars: Chrome VS Safari

There is a fierce war waging in personal computers: Windows VS Linux, Dell VS HP, Gigabyte VS Asus and now Chrome VS Safari.  While the battle is not new, the latest outcome is worthy of note.

It has recently been reported that Apple’s Safari browser is the latest casualty of Google’s ever-increasing world domination.  You may not think this is significant, but consider the facts.  There are many browsers out there – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Avant, Comodo Dragon (which looks remarkably like Chrome) – just to name a few. And the new super power has just toppled the reigning 3rd place.

StatCounter released figures showing Google Chrome’s US market share has increased to 8.66% while Safari’s is 8.17%  This is an amazing achievement by Google, as it has increase market share from 0% to 10% in just under 2 years.  The first release of Chrome was its beta version, and was launched in September 2008.  Apple’s Safari Browser was first released on the 7th of January on Mac OS X.
According to the current statistics on the current market share is as follows:

1st Internet explorer: 53% (US) 50% (Aust) 52% (WW)

2nd Firefox: 28% (US) 30% (Aust) 31% (WW)

3rd Google Chrome: 8.66% (US) 9.49% (Aust) 9.24 (WW)

4th Apple Safari: 8.17% (US) 8.21% (Aust) 4.08% (WW)

5th Opera: .68% (US) .88% (Aust) 1.91% (WW)

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