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Businesses really must endure the idea that social media sites are not only for young people and that a large majority of people using online media could be a potential customer. With this in mind, what’s your online reputation like? Are your employees who participate in online media acting ethically when representing and talking about your company? Online reputation experts say the recent incident involving two...

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“Branding is not only about ubiquity, visibility, and functionality it is about bonding emotionally with people in their life. Only when a product or a service kindles an emotional dialogue with the consumer, can this product or service qualify to be a brand”. -Joel Desgrippes Recent times have shown it has become resoundingly clear that society is moving from an industrially inspired economy where machines are priority...

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One reason why I love online marketing is that the tools, techniques and content are constantly evolving. Online marketing is more of an art rather than a science, and your visitors and customers reward this creativity by responding to your online efforts. But as you all know, the web moves very quickly, once you get your head around that blogging thing, along comes something else,...

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If you dont know by now – let me fill you in on the hottest tip circulating around the online world. Twitter – the latest social media marketing craze is now actively participating in SEO!

Twitter has updated its title tags (for those of you with a puzzled look on your face – this is the blue line at the top of the page near the IE symbol). So what does this mean for Twitter and its ‘followers’?

Today, as the recession persists, more and more people are turning to social media to find the right job for them.  Jamie Varon generates hype amongst online social media with her new website ‘Twitter Should Hire Me‘ . 'Twitter should hire me' is about a lady Jamie whose sole purpose is to get hired by twitter and she believes, the only way to stand out in...

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What are two ex-Google employees to do - start up their own social media website ofcourse! is the brainchild of two former Google employees - where users can share personal recommendations about anything that they like! So how does it all work? Firstly, you sign up for an account from the website's homepage, and then you are able to build a list of things you like from...

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When the term 'online fraud' is mentioned - most would probably associate this with monetary transactions that occur over the internet. Now, as social media websites grow in popularity, a new type on online fraud is emerging. Online impersonation essentially involves 'stealing' someones identity and portraying them in an online capacity. This is the conundrum facing the online media world. With millions of users adding their...

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Are you taking a proactive approach to actively listen to what is being said about your business in the online world? As consumer-generated media continues to grow, business leaders must be in-tune with the messages that are being generated in the online world when it comes to their business - positve or negative. The most successful businesses continue to flourish because their brand name is trusted and...

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Although the platform itself is not new, Twitter has seen a dramatic increase in usage over the past year, and is now influencing the way that media is presented and spread on the ‘net.

Industry analysts have been throwing some pretty solid numbers around:

  • Close to 1000% increase in traffic over the past year
  • There were 2.25 million tweets posted every day, worldwide

Pause for a second to take that number in: 2.25 million per day! This isn’t a niche network of people who are wasting time at work; this is a legitimate method of spreading news, both positive and negative.

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