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More often than not there is now a need to ensure that your online community following is rewarded, acknowledged, and to an extent 'controlled' so that you can effectively manage your online persona. Here are some handy hints as posted on 1. Identify Business Objectives If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Same with your business, your online strategy should have goals and objectives that...

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I don't know if you have noticed this, but throughout 2010 there was a steady rise in location based applications appearing in social circles. The first time I heard about FourSquare was through a friend who had checked-in to a cafe near her work place and it appeared in my news feed on Facebook. Not once, but almost daily. “What in the world is FourSquare?”...

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Earlier this week I was provided with the opportunity to learn from one of the leading professionals in the field of Social Media Marketing, Dan Zarrella – author of the book “The Social Media Marketing Book” – through a webinar session. When great opportunities like this come by you need to jump on it, and that I did, registering for the event in the blink...

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Recently Google have announced that they will be changing the way they allow other sites to access their Contacts API to download contact data.

Currently Google allows other sites to access their data, which then allows you to import your contacts’ email addresses to the new service. This enables you to find your contacts in the new service at a much easier and faster rate, which in turn also means that the new service has details of your existing social graph from Google.

The tweak to Google’s Terms of Service states that they will allow access to their Contacts API only if the data allowance is reciprocated, meaning that Facebook is now banned from accessing this key social graph information.

What does this mean to you? Well most internet savvy people will already have a Facebook account, and if you haven’t already imported your contacts, then you will be spending some time typing your friends emails into the search bar to look for them, right? Wrong! Facebook has the functionality for you to search for friends by their name, see a list of ‘people you may know’, and you can simply add people through a friend you have already added’s list of friends.

What about the implications for Facebook ? Well simply put, they can still acquire details from other existing sources such as Yahoo! and Hotmail, and if they wanted they could build a separate functionality for you to upload contacts from a spreadsheet (which is a format that Google allows you to export data to). Now for Google, what does this mean? Pretty much the same as Facebook, but it does go slightly against their policy of an open system. However has Google really lost much information?

Google recently acquired ITA Software, the company behind 65% of all carrier direct online flight searches. Some speculation has arisen that this could spell the end of the competitive online travel sales industry as most travel searches start within Google. If Google has the power to direct you to which carrier you should purchase from then the competitive edge is diluted (along with other travel information such as hotels, other user experiences and feedback).

Furthermore if Google decides to provide a service that allows you to purchase flights and hotel bookings directly through them via Google Checkout, then it will only be a matter of minutes before they can track where your interests lie in terms of travelling. How does this make you feel in terms of invasion of privacy? It sure makes smaller things like 4Square and Google/Facebook Places seem like trivial matters now. However if you are in the travel industry, it could mean that it may be time to look for ways into Google’s good books so that they will push your travel routes!

Social network giant Facebook and Microsoft’s search engine Bing have joined forces to socialise search engine results. The concept, currently available to 2% of US Facebook subscribers in the US but soon to be a universal feature, is this: if a user of Facebook is logged in while they enter a search query in Bing, the results will show related data taken from the posts and...

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First came Promoted Tweets, in which companies could pay to promote their brand in the news feed of Twitter account holders. Now Twitter has taken their experimentation with third party advertising up a notch with the introduction of Promoted Accounts. Here’s how it works: A Twitter account holder may be presented with a suggestion to follow the profile of a paying advertiser via the “Who to...

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Earlier this month, Facebook announced the release of "Places", an interactive feature that allows users to share the places that they visit with friends and other users. You may be familiar with the mobile application Foursquare already, which is very similar to what the latest offering from Facebook. The main features offered for users of Facebook Places: Check in to various Places, such as your local cafe or...

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I have been reading a bit lately on how to track the progress of social media activities. There are a variety of different approaches that exist and different methods might be required for different campaigns. However, I have attempted to put together a simplified breakdown that the social media beginner will be able to understand and implement to their advantage. Here are some simple steps to...

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