Changes to AdWords Interface That Will Increase Productivity

Changes to AdWords Interface That Will Increase Productivity

Over the past few weeks there have been a number of updates to the AdWords interface. These should help to alleviate a number of issues and ultimately improve the ability to effectively run a campaign without the need to resort to the AdWords Editor for all changes.

So what are these updates?

Shared Campaign Budgets

To date it has only been possible to set daily budgets at the campaign level. For example, if you were running 5 campaigns, you would have to individually allocate a set budget to each of them. Time consuming, much? With shared budgets, it’s now possible to set a single daily budget that is shared by multiple campaigns.

Impression Share Reporting Changes

Impression share is a metric that shows your campaign’s level of exposure across its targeted keywords. This figure is worked out by taking the number of impressions you received divided by the estimated number of impressions you were eligible to appear for. Recent updates include:

  • Clean separation of search and display impression share measures
  • Hour of day segmentation to establish if there are specific times of the day when your campaign is missing out on exposure
  • Ability to apply filters and use automated rules based on impression share

Bulk Editing in AdWords Interface

If you’ve ever tried to make changes to several thousand keywords in the AdWords interface, you’ll that this extremely long and drawn-out process is almost impossible without the use of AdWords Editor or a third party platform. However, recent developments have made it possible to make bulk changes, such as increasing bids by 10% for 10,000 keywords, quickly and easily. You can even preview changes before they are applied.

Email Only Automated Rules

It is now possible to set up e-mail only automated rules when specific conditions are met (similar to alerts). This feature sends you an e-mail directly when a predetermined event occurs in your account and can be used for a range of metrics such as ad status, budget, bids, clicks etc. For example you could set up an automated rule so you are e-mailed when 100 clicks have been accrued or when 75% of your daily budget has been spent.

As someone who spends more time in the AdWords interface than is probably healthy, I applaud Google for these user-friendly changes and hope to see more in the future.

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