Click Through Rates Now Shown in Webmaster Tools

Click Through Rates Now Shown in Webmaster Tools

Google has officially annouced that website owners can now access more detailed data in Webmaster Tools. Previously it only reported on average positions which your website appeared in search results. Now Google has added information on the number of impressions and also clickthrough rates. Clickthrough rates stand for the number of times that web users click through to your website from a search result query. The best thing about this feature is that it also provides you with the actual URLs that displayed for that associated keyword.

What could this mean for your business?

The most obvious implications of this are that you can use this new tool to:

1. You can clearly see and track where you are ranking for particular terms. If it’s below average for a position, then you know you have a problem.

2. You can monitor the best landing pages for your SEO and focus on improving the click through rate by providing a more relevant description. This can be combined with the data in Google Analytics, so that improvements can be made to the page and in turn improve conversions.

3. Compare clickthrough rates for natural terms compared to different paid search / AdWords terms to help determine the relative effectiveness of copy and terms.

4. Based on clickthrough rates, seasonal demands and trends for products/services can be monitored and anticipated. This is effective for brand/navigational searches where you are ranked at the top of the search results.

5. Marketing campaign effectiveness can be measured – monitoring variation occurances through time.

6. We can more effectively review overall SEO effectiveness from the headlines and descriptions of impressions (amount of users seeing your listing) against clickthrough rates – the amount of people actually clicking into your website.

What other insights would you like to see from this data?

For more details visit Google’s forum.

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