Climbing the Social Network Ladder in 2009

Climbing the Social Network Ladder in 2009

Facebook,MySpace,Twitter,YouTube… it seems that social media is taking over the internet world.
Analystis believe that by 2013, 52% of internet users will be active particpants in the social media network.

“Social network usage is not tapering off—it is growing,” Ms. Williamson says. “Not only are more consumers joining social networks, but their level of involvement is deepening.”

So how can businesses capitalise on the social media network? This question comes back to businesses understanding their target market. If businesses intend to use the social media platform – the first question they must figure out is what really resonates with their customers.
What social media marketing tool will entice your customer enough to the point where they buy your product or service?

This is the challenge facing marketers in 2009. In a weak economy marketing plans must produce measurable results. This environment provides businesses the perfect opportunity to ‘think outside the square’ and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

The biggest challenge for businesses who are looking to add social media tools to their marketing platforms – is how to convert these online communities into profts for their business!

Watch this space for some upcoming tips on how to leverage the power of social media marketing for your business….

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