Color – The Next Generation Location Based Photo Sharing App

Color – The Next Generation Location Based Photo Sharing App

Over the past few years there has been a gigantic surge in social media – mainly text-based. Then it was social media coupled with checking-in, which was still text-based but with the novelty of locations. Now we are seeing an influx in the number of photo-sharing applications due mainly to the higher quality of cameras that consumers are now holding in their hands. What is the next logical train of thought that comes to mind?

Camera, location, social media … an application that you can use to share photos based on your location? BANG! that is exactly what Color does.

I heard about Color after reading various social media articles and it instantly caught my attention. It also popped into my head while I was at a restaurant and decided to share this app with my friends. Lo and behold, everyone at the table wanted to get in on the novelty of being able to share their photos with everyone, no matter which way they were looking, regardless if they were in the photo or not. It was just fun.

What amazed me was the instantaneous upload of the photos my friends took (5 or 6 photos popped up at the same time), and not to mention the fact that a stranger’s photos also showed up! Being a location-based application, the photos are essentially tagged to that location and kept on the Color server, so that all photos that are in that area can be viewed when there are two or more people signed into the app.

This opened up a world of possibilities and ideas, and is a gateway into what social media needs next – location based photo sharing apps! I can already think of a great use of this application for a social media campaign, and this idea came up only after 5 minutes of thinking. Can you imagine the possibilities that could exist if there was more time invested into this?

Stay tuned to this space for an update on what we have done with this app – can you think of any good uses for it? Let us know!

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