Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

There are a myriad of factors to take into consideration when optimising a website for search engine visibility which leaves things wide open for mistakes. It’s important to consider that all the actions you are taking might not all be beneficial to your cause. Each and every day we deal with excited and proactive clients with whom we love to work with but can rush into some SEO activities without consulting us which can be detrimental to their campaign. ‘Think then act’ is best policy. If you don’t know if the changes you are making to your website are going to be in its best SEO interests then seek out the expertise of your friendly E-Web Campaign Manager to help you out.  If you don’t have access to a wealth of SEO knowledge such as that then check out the following list of common mistakes to avoid when managing your SEO campaign.

1.   Failing to plan to continually work on SEO endeavours and just making a ‘once-off’ effort. SEO takes time to regularly analyse and make appropriate changes to keep the site evolving and fresh

2.   Changing mind mid-project on what keywords to target

3.   Impatience – not giving enough thought that an SEO campaign is a long term strategy and results  won’t be evident in the first weeks or even months (in competitive markets)

4.   Failure to do proper goal setting and not establishing required target to get ROI

5.   Not using the valuable data available from a concurrent PPC campaign to monitor converting keywords

6.   Failing to have any form of conversion tracking software on the site to see what keywords are the ones that you have to go after

7.   Allowing keyword choices on the basis of “the MD checks this every day”

8.   Chasing unrealistic keywords for your budget

9.   Choosing keywords from internal industry-speak rather than consumer-led terms with actual traffic

10.  Not reviewing keyword choices to understand where your site is failing to convert visitors and why

11.  Stuffing content with unnatural frequencies of keywords

12.  Creating content that has no value to human readers and fails to back up your market messages

13.  Placing a large block of keyword-stuffed “seo content” a mouse scroll below the footer on the home page

14.  Not using the correct 301 response for old content that has moved to a new URL

15.  Failing to label images with relevant alt attributes containing keywords as appropriate

16.   Not using other properties you own (parent company websites, partners etc) to direct keyword equity to your target site

17.  Going for link volume rather than looking at quality

18.  Using ‘click here’ and ‘read more’ as default choices for internal links, rather than more descriptive phrases containing keywords where appropriate

19.  Deploying lots of inline Javascript and CSS and increasing the site’s download time

20.  Denying access to spiders through Robots.txt

21.  Not keeping the SEO company in the loop with changes to the company’s wider strategy

22.  Allowing web developers to build/change things on the site willy-nilly without informing and consulting with SEO

23.   Not responding to requests for information and content

24.   Not ensuring that SEO recommendations are implemented as fully as possible

25.   Blaming SEO partners for falling traffic without first seeing if there are wider market reasons such as seasonality that could be playing a part

For a more extensive list of common SEO Mistakes check out David Naylor ‘SEO 101 Common Mistakes‘ article.

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