Computer Stress Syndrome

Computer Stress Syndrome

We have all heard of post traumatic stress disorder, road rage, and clinical depression. What most people haven’t heard of is closer than you think, and something that potentially has effected or will affect us within the week’s end? No, it is not World War 3 or WMDs it’s cause and cure are much closer to home.

It is called Computer Stress Syndrome (CSS)…

It is well known in the IT support industry, and most of the time techies are fighting off angry customers wielding mice and other reachable objects. This is mainly due to computer hardware or software failure, commonly known as either Bill Gates, or Microsoft. Other known technical problems include:

  • Telstra tech support;
  • Optus sales;
  • Dell hardware replacements and;
  • Apple iTunes.

Although these problems are few and far between, there are many solutions that can be an easy fix, or a long winded problem resulting in more CSS. I decided to tackle these problems to shine a light on the industry knowledge of IT support. These have been handed down from generation to generation, from techie to techie from Mr. Gates to no one.

I would like to say that I am very solution orientated, so in order to find a fix, we must first ask the questions. What are some problems we have all faced?

  • The computer is taking a long time to load;
  • The website is taking a long time to load;
  • The printer doesn’t print;
  • My inbox is full of spam;
  • The CD, or these days the DVD player isn’t loading the DVD;
  • I deleted a file accidentally;
  • Word crashed and I lost my assignment, and the list goes on…

So this is what we have all been waiting for… What are the solutions?

  1. TURN THE COMPUTER OFF AND ON AGAIN – This solves 99% of all problems…
  2. Buy a new keyboard, because the one you have has recently been smashed to bits.
  3. The mouse is still working, but someone has put tape over the laser.
  4. Go for a walk!! (Simple yet effective)
  5. Stop drinking so much coffee
  6. Upgrade your internet connection, Dialup isn’t fast enough anymore.
  7. Buy a new computer, or format and reinstall the one you are currently using. And the final solution is…
  8. RELAX, it is a machine that uses ones and zeroes, it doesn’t hate you, or have a vendetta. Most computer problems are user based. Take a break, relax, and come back when you have calmed down, then and only then, try and search for a solution using the world’s largest database… The internet.
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