Dell Meets Google Meets Cloud Computing

Dell Meets Google Meets Cloud Computing

With the big news last week being Google’s announcement to the world their Chromium OS will be ready next year, we are expecting cloud computing to become a major force and the mainstay of the netbook market. It’s impressive to see that Dell’s team recognise the shift in the modern use of the laptop and have already jumped on board and released a customised version of Chromium to work on their Dell Mini 9 netbooks.

Whilst not an official product, and to be able to get it up and running requires a little bit of skills in the Linux platform, it can be downloaded from their website and you can go ahead and replace Windows for Google.

Whilst there are clear benefits of moving everything to the cloud (and we do mean everything), my paranoina gets the better of me. I like my photos/videos and music on my own device (I don’t even keep the good ones on social networks) and I don’t see me migrating all of that across. And with the primary use of mobile computing to check email, chat with friends and get alerts (news, sport, weather, etc) there is no need to dump everything into the cloud.

Either way, businesses should be getting ready because cloud computing is about to explode in Australia with announcements like this. And if the price is right, the platform is stable and reliable and comes backed by a good advertising campaign – your organisation needs to be ready to adapt.

Do your customers have an online portal they can access? Do you have a good response rate on your emails? Can your company be reached on social media? I strongly believe in the next few years those customer services wont be value-adds, but essentials in order to attract new business.

Are you ready?

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