Digital Solutions


Virtual Marketing Manager

Do you want to gain access to an entire team of digital marketers proficient in various aspects of digital? Our ‘marketing manager service’ allows one of our team members to “virtually” become one of yours. This gives you access to advanced strategies from an experienced digital marketer, as well as their wider team.

Multi-Channel Strategy

Our multi-skilled team has experience in various aspects and channels of digital marketing. We’re great at integrating these into a complete picture that grows your business online.


Integrating Online & Offline

Although we don’t provide offline marketing, we’re happy to integrate your offline marketing efforts with your online efforts. This includes coordinating various tracking technologies to properly evaluate the ROI of offline activities and their repercussions online, as well as integrating specific marketing campaigns and offerings.

Marketing Automation

Our services go beyond email marketing. E-Web also offers marketing automation implementation and strategies to engage, re-engage and nourish your audience for purchases and content consumption.