Domain Names in Google AdWords Headlines

Domain Names in Google AdWords Headlines

Google are continually making small tests and tweaks to various features in AdWords. The most recent update has been the addition of a site’s display URL in the headline of an ad.

Google believes this new headline feature will further increase the Click Through Rate (CTR) of ads. The ad headline can now also be up to 68 characters long, which is quite a change from the 25 characters previously.

As you can see in the above picture, the ad with the display URL in the headline stands out a considerable amount in comparison to the first ad. Google also believes that the URL will help increase brand awareness and provide trust to those who already know the brand.

Google said the display URL will automatically appear in the headline for those ads showing up in the top 3 placements. Only the domain will appear (not the ‘www’ or any subcategories), and the appearance of your display URL won’t change if you already had your URL in your headline.

Google announced last month that this latest tweak was rolling out to Australia; however I have noticed some ads with these URL headlines and others without. I also saw recent ads with the URL in the headline and the display URL in right below, taking the place of the first description line.

Looks like Google are continually fine-tuning their Paid Search program – let me know what else you have spotted!

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