E-mail Newsletters That Customers Actually Read

E-mail Newsletters That Customers Actually Read

As your customer’s in-boxes are overflowing it becomes continually harder to get your customers interested in your company’s newsletters. During a recent interview, Dave Robinson Mozy’s vice president of marketing explained how many business owners can make an email newsletter more compelling. Popick, chief executive of an e-mail and direct marketing provider for small business supports Robinsons view and explains how an email is a direct marketing provider for small business.

Here are some tips by Robinson’s and Popick on how to get your customers interested in your company’s e-mail newsletters:

Make it interesting and relative: Offer compelling, engaging relatable stories. People love to read interesting and fun content associated to their topic of interest, stories can be full of fun, interesting and offer valuable advice and tips. Incorporating an exciting and unusual story can help spread the awareness about your company; it can encourage your customers to send your email newsletter to their friends or to bring up your stories as a topic of conversation. Interesting stories entices your customers to spread the awareness about your business.

Be the expert: A customer’s time is valuable so please don’t waste it. Robinson states, “if you don’t have something interesting to say. Don’t say it”. Share your knowledge with others in a “how to” column or “five easy steps to …” Keep your tips short and instructive.

Stay true to customer’s expectations: One way to wow your customers is to under promise and to over deliver. Make sure newsletters are sent out on time if customers are expecting them, be reliable and consistent. Popick states “Be specific regarding the frequency of your newsletter and the value you provide”, once you have a customer on your newsletter base they receive your emails until they unsubscribe. Be aware of your market and make sure each newsletter isn’t to frequent or intrusive but relevant to your customers. Make sure your company meets and exceeds their customers’ expectations. This begins with all point of contact including company newsletters.

Use customers to illustrate your stories: The best way to tell a story is thorough real people and their anecdotes. Robinson advises to restrain from using boring copy and bullet points on your newsletters and instead use images and fresh interesting content on personal stories. A good way to portray this is by incorporating You Tube links to relevant customer stories or news events. If customers are talking about your company on Facebook or Twitter, link your newsletters to those articles.

Deliver great content and the money will follow: A good email newsletter should have very little promotional copy. Robins Sates “we want people to read our newsletters and look forward to them”. Today people are more interested in me marketing rather than you marketing. “If it’s all about the company-give us more money-it turns people off”. We should leave our clients feeling informed, engaged and empowered so much about the content in our email newsletters that they want to find out more about our business and read more about your services.

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