E-Web Marketing Services

E-Web Marketing Services

A client told me that he was surprised about some of the services we actually provide at E-Web Marketing – it struck me that a lot of the work we can produce is unknown and unclear to a number of existing clients, and potentially future E-Web family members.  I thought I would take this opportunity to summarise our suite of services and help portray our truly holistic approach to online marketing.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

This is our biggest service, however, a number of clients don’t even have SEO.  E-Web currently has 6 packages from small, suitable for smaller businesses to very large, suitable to major corporations.  If you want more exposure on the first page of Google, the best thing to do is upgrade packages.  Larger packages allow for more keywords, more links & more time – both consulting with geniuses like me, and the formidable SEO Programmer!

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Another core function, PPC allows you to pay for qualified traffic to your website via the keywords you choose! The one brilliant feature of PPC is that the campaign doesn’t require the waiting time that SEO does.  If you want to spend $1,000 – $100,000, you will get instant traffic and you get to decide where on your website they are sent to!  We constantly monitor and improve the campaign to get you better results – the longer we optimise the campaign the more efficient it becomes.

Pay Per Click Landing Pages

(PPCLP – not really an abbreviation, but you get the idea)
Sometimes directing traffic to your website isn’t the best way to increase sales… Really? Creating a specifically designed page to convert a product or service works wonders.  These pages are created with extremely strong calls to action, almost forcing users to do what you want!

Web Traffic Optimisation (WTO)

This service is based around what users are actually doing when they hit your website.  If you don’t know much about statistics, it’s best to leave it up to the experts. We have a number of Google Analytics Individually Qualified (GAIQ) who know the ins and outs of Google Analytics (GA) to give you the best update on the inner workings of your site.

Sales Conversion Optimisation (SCO)

Have tons of traffic? No one is contacting you? Chances are your website is inefficient.  Our resident SCO specialist has been working on websites for a long time (much like everyone else), and through research and testing, knows what works and what doesn’t.  If you want more conversions without doing much more external marketing, this is a great solution.

Content Writing

Content is King in SEO, so if you don’t have time to write lots of good content for Mr Google, it will take longer to rank.  Many business people simply don’t have the time to sit down for 30 minutes a week to write content, one of the most powerful rules of business is focus on what you are good at.  If you aren’t a writer, don’t write!  We have an awesome copy writer with tones of experience that Mr Google loves!E-Web is ever changing, by the time you read this, I can almost guarantee that we have added a service or 2 to our arsenal – be sure you talk to your Campaign Manager our one of our skilled Online Business Strategists for the latest news and services!

Social Media Optimisation (SMO)

I could spend a good half hour talking about SMO, the fact is we offer a myriad of services that fall under the umbrella of this service and is tailored to your goals and objectives. We provide simple training so that you can maintain and start your social media presence, or we offer a complete service including devising a strategy, implementing, and measuring the success of the campaign. Below is what we offer…

Facebook, YouTube & Twitter page design

If you really want to make the most of FB, YT & Twitter, sending people to a generic page is not the best idea. Would you send someone to a generic website? I think not!

Online Reputation Management

It’s a free-for-all out in social media land, users can say whatever they want about your product to millions of people, how do you know if it’s good or bad?  Do you respond? Do you even know?  We can do it all for you!  Our in-house social media consultant is battling for your brand even when your shop front is closed.

Social Media Content Syndication

Don’t want to spend hours sending out the same information through all those social media channels?  We can help with this – it also helps with your SEO rankings 🙂

Social Media Training

Most people have seen the movie, and even more people are on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn etc etc, but how many people know how to use these tools to generate new business and potentially create hype about your brand?  Very few…If you want to learn and do it yourself, we have someone who can guide and train you how!

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