E-Web Starts Their Engines

E-Web Starts Their Engines

The E-Web sales team had a record breaking month in September, helping a large number of businesses expand their online presence through SEO.  To celebrate this momentous occasion, we took to the track and let our competitive sides show.

Yesterday we visited Kartatak, an indoor go-karting venue, and tore up the track. With two types of karts available, go-karts and skid-karts, we took to both and showed that we have more skills than just helping people grow their business!

With six of us all competing against one another on the go-kart track, it was hard to say who would win. Once the race began it became clear that there was one driver in particular who displayed amazing driving precision. This driver is better known by his street racing name Yangster! With the fastest lap time and most laps driven in the ten minute sessions, Yangster proved that “If you’re not first… you’re last!”

On the skid-kart track however, it was another story. To paint a picture, skid-karts are like Dodgem Cars, but on steroids. These cars are built for one main purpose, and that is to drift! With a short loop track it was 10 minutes of continuous drifting and ramming into one another. From 3 kart pile ups, to smashing into parked karts while skidding out of control, this track was the most fun any of us had had in long time. Unfortunately, this track came at a price. Many of us suffered minor bruising and soreness the following day from the repetitive bumping and ramming into one another… and walls.

All in all, the night was a success. With three ten minute sessions on each track, each of the team showed off our different talents. Mick showed his ability to block cars off, Fung showed his playfulness both on and off the track, Marc displayed excellent ramming skills, and Tom showed us that he was determined to win, coming second by only 0.04 seconds.Unfortunately there can only be one winner on each track and these were Yangster with his precision on the go-karts and Lorraine, the Drift Queen, on the skid-karts!

With everyone thoroughly enjoying themselves, the sales team re-entered the office the following day with increased energy and excitement to reach out and help more businesses online









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