At E-Web Marketing, we’re passionate about learning, which is one of our core values. Our team spends a lot of time discovering as much as we can about digital marketing, often in our own personal time.


This is not simply about offering the best value to clients who jump onboard our digital marketing services – it also helps us become experts in specific areas, so we’re able to mentor and educate others.


Some clients come to us seeking education, instead of services, and we’re happy to rise to the occasion. Perhaps they’re an internal marketing team who want to get up to speed with various digital strategies, or business owners who want to understand more, before investing in various digital channels. Whoever they are, we offer solutions to help clients feel confident while becoming better-informed consumers of digital marketing services.


Group Workshops

Dive into a three-hour workshop about of the services we specialise in, with a group of like-minded people. This is a great way to meet others, ask open questions, get ideas for your business and build your knowledge about digital marketing in general.

One on One Mentoring

For those who prefer our undivided attention, you can book a one-on-one mentoring session with an expert. This allows us to sink our teeth into a particular topic that relates directly to your business. Tap into our expertise for as long as you like, paying for the hours you need and walking away with a deeper understanding of what you specifically need to know, along with actionable items to follow up for your marketing.


Information Centre

We also offer basic online guides about various digital marketing related topics and areas. Dive into these if you want unconstrained access to information at your whim. We tailor our approach to you – relating the topic back to your business and explaining the relevance (or irrelevance) of various digital products.