Emotional Branding – Fuel for Success!

Emotional Branding – Fuel for Success!

“Branding is not only about ubiquity, visibility, and functionality it is about bonding emotionally with people in their life. Only when a product or a service kindles an emotional dialogue with the consumer, can this product or service qualify to be a brand”.
-Joel Desgrippes

Recent times have shown it has become resoundingly clear that society is moving from an industrially inspired economy where machines are priority towards a people-driven economy that puts the consumer in the seat of power.

“Economic base has shifted from production to consumption. It has gravitated from the sphere of rationality to the realm of desire: from the objective to the subjective; to the realm of psychology”.
-Bernd Schmitt and Alex Simonson

Computers have morphed from technology equipment into larger, consumer focused concepts such as lifestyle entertainment. Airlines are less focused about transportation vehicles today, and more about travel organisations that can enhance lives in different ways through their elaborate bonus –point programs. Food is no longer about cooking and chores but about home and lifestyle design and easy alternatives.

“For companies to be relevant and survive it is crucial that brands appreciate the focus of society and what motivates consumers to purchase. Emotional branding focuses on connecting the product to the consumer in an emotionally profound way. It focuses on the most compelling aspect of the human character; the desire to transcend and experience emotional fulfilment. A brand is uniquely situated to achieve this as it can see what underlies human motivation”.
-Marc Gobe

This is putting a stronger focus on businesses to study and analyse consumer behaviour. Understanding peoples emotional needs and desires is really now more important than ever. Corporations must take stronger steps in order to develop a solid connection and relationships which recognises their customers as partners.

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