Enhanced AdWords Site Links Now Available

Enhanced AdWords Site Links Now Available

Way back in February this year, Google announced that AdWords was trialing enhanced paid site links. Ads with site links have been shown to have around a 30% higher CTR than those without, so this was a logical next step.

So how do Enhanced Site Links work?

Traditional site links appear as shown below. These are manually entered and allow the searcher to be directed to a number of different landing pages or destination URLs.


If your campaign also included the following ads:

With enhanced site links, these ads have the chance of being combined into one set of expanded site links that appear like individual ads, as shown below:

In order to show, your ads must be closely related to the site links in your campaign, as per the example above. As with all site links and Google extensions, they are generated automatically using algorithms therefore they are not likely to appear every single time they are eligible to show.

It is expected that this feature will significantly increase CTRs and if so will no doubt transform how advertisers create and structure their paid search ads on Google.


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