Exploring Google Think Quarterly

Exploring Google Think Quarterly

One of the funny things about Google is their ability to release awesome things for public consumption without the majority of their audience being aware of it. Take Google Labs for example, a testing ground Google has used over the years to get usability feedback from the online community. Labs is now unfortunately being phased out, despite its contribution to Personalised Search and many other such excellent Google products and innovations.

Another little gem the search engine company released back in March is Google Think Quarterly, an online magazine. Each issue has a particular theme: the first issue was on Data, exploring how data impacts business with numerous in-depth pieces on businesses and technology as well as interviews with Google executives. The same quality of pieces that you might find in Business Week or Wired Magazine – but free!

The second issue is on the subject of Innovation. Some of the highlights include an interview with the Senior VP of Advertising at Google and his philosophy behind innovation – did you know that Google AdSense was born when an engineer decided to put ads in Gmail? It also features an article on what innovations eight industry leaders are most excited about, as well as an instructional piece about transforming your work environment to promote innovation.

In each issue, you can pick and choose what interests you and view or download the magazine in sections if you prefer. With the traditional Google focus on user convenience, many viewing/download options are provided, including PDF and mobile device format.

I am definitely looking forward to what Google Think Quarterly covers next. As well as providing some truly fascinating information free of charge, the online magazine also gives online marketers insight into what Google currently considers to be important. What are your thoughts on this new product?

Edit: Google has just released their latest Issue focused on ‘People‘.

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