Express CRO Tip Series #1 – Introduction and Best Practices

Express CRO Tip Series #1 – Introduction and Best Practices

Dear website owners,

I get asked a lot of similar questions regarding how to make a lead generation website or e-commerce site perform better. So what I have decided to do is to create a short series of videos presenting what I have learned in the field of Marketing and Design. I hope that by watching this series, you are able to take away relevant pieces of information to review and apply to your own website and drive more sales online.

In this first video, I give an introduction to Conversion Optimisation based on the 3 critical questions all users ask when they enter your website.

  1. What is this website about and what can I do here?
  2. What does this website want me to do and should I do it?
  3. Where do I go to find out more if I am interested and is it an easy process?

The first video in the series runs for 15 minutes, and it’s jammed packed with suggestions expanding on each of the questions above.

Tools mentioned in presentation:

To your success,

Amy Cheng

Head of Conversion Rate Optimisation and Design at E-Web Marketing

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