Express CRO Tip Series #10 – The Design Process

Express CRO Tip Series #10 – The Design Process

Whenever someone asks me

How long does it take to design a website? How much does it cost?”

I always reply back with

Well, the one week express way cheap, or the the proper way?

Every business will go through a website re-design at some point of their running time, and often during this time is a lot of backward and forwarding, confusion, joy and many other mixed emotions occur. At times, some will find it frustrating due to bottle necks or just lack of knowledge and you just feel stuck and angry and wish it would all be over! Finally it’s all over, it’s up and you don’t look at your website other than to check if the phone number on the website is right because you aren’t getting any phone calls.

Familiar? I hope not… but if so, keep reading.

In previous weeks, I spoke about how to decide whether a website re-design is really for you – I went through the common beliefs that business owners often make when deciding to go through a design or not. If you haven’t yet watched that presentation, here it is for you again:

So if you have decided that a website redesign is for you, this presentation is for you. This talk runs through a typical design process which I personally follow when giving recommendations for clients I work with. It’s not one of those cheap projects where you ask your freelance web designer to create a website for you overnight using a templated CMS system like WordPress (as excellent as it is) for a double of hundred of dollars. A real web design project takes time. It is a great investment if done right. Here is a graphic I found that illustrates time, quality and return:


True or true?

I will give you a talk, about a design process (done right). This process takes into account your business goals, objectives and how you are seen by your customers. It also puts a frame around how to gain data to build better strategies to make, measure and tweak your website to achieve your goals!

It is brief, and is not as detail as a web design agency will do it, I’ve actually missed out a lot of extra steps such as research, but having an understand of at least the main steps in the process will help you understand and manage expectations of all parties involved.


Hope you enjoyed that quick presentation! As stated in the video, if you have any concerns or questions, leave you questions in the comments section below, or you can contact me via my LinkedIn and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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