Express CRO Tip Series #14 – Giving Your Email Marketing More Oomph!

Express CRO Tip Series #14 – Giving Your Email Marketing More Oomph!

There are many types of customers who will visit your website. But they can always be placed into one of the three categories below:

I don't want to buy, I'm not ready to buy yet, I'm ready to buy now


Meet Rob from exhibit A – I don’t want to buy at all.

You can give him 10% off the price, and he will still refuse. You would have the spend countless hours, days or even months trying to convince him. But he is just downright stubborn. The good (and bad) news is that there is little you can do about the Rob’s of the world, which means you can save your energy on the other type of customers.

Meet Sally from exhibit B – I’m not ready to buy yet.

She is not yet committed to buying, but with a little persuasion, she can be pushed over the line. Customers are usually in this category because they are researching, comparing you to your competitors or your products just don’t fit quite right with what she needs. But let’s come back to her later.

Meet Chris from exhibit C – I’m ready to buy now.

He has done his research and is ready to buy. He is every website’s ideal customer because no matter how bad your website is (to a certain extent – as long as it’s not horrific), he will find a way to purchase from you if your offering fits his framework. Unfortunately, these type of customers only makes a small percentage of your visitors. On the upside, you don’t need to work on them.

Sally is the one who needs the most attention. Because customers like her will make up the majority of your traffic.

A big factor into why visitors don’t become customers is because your product or service offering just isn’t right, or they have too much to compare to. Emails are a great way to capture customers information and keep in touch – to remind them that your website is still here and not lost in the crowd.

Let me teach you some ways to make your emails a little more special:

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