Express CRO Tip Series #3 – Creating Landing Pages That Sell

Express CRO Tip Series #3 – Creating Landing Pages That Sell

Dear website owners,

If you have landed on this page, I can assume you are about to design a landing page, but are doing some research before hand to make sure its as optimized as it can be.

After watching my first two tip series on best practices and shopping cart abandonment, you will already understand how important landing pages are. Done well, an optimised landing page creates an excellent return on investment for any online marketing campaign you direct traffic to. But there are so many elements you can put on a landing page, how do you know what works, what doesn’t?

In this 15 minute presentation, you will learn key elements what will help you create a landing page that sells, including:

  1. Relevancy and why this is the most important aspect
  2. Templates for more compelling headlines
  3. Why scarcity creates demand
  4. How website viewers really browse websites

Watch this 15 minute presentation below to find out more:

Cheat sheet summary can be downloaded here


To your success,

Amy Cheng

Head of Conversion Rate Optimisation and Design at E-Web Marketing

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