Express CRO Tip Series #4 – Reduce Your Bounce Rate

Express CRO Tip Series #4 – Reduce Your Bounce Rate

We have long discussed how to understand the bounce rate in Google Analytics, and its effects on SEO rankings.

The amount of eyeballs that view your website and exit is just as important as the ones that convert. Look at it this way, if your website gets 10,000 visitors per day, and 90% (9,000 people) leave your website without scrolling, clicking a button or visit any other page on your website that would suggest one of many things:

  • Your website is ugly
  • Your website is irrelevant to their needs
  • They couldn’t find what they were looking for

Either way, the bounce rate data tells Google that something about your website is not user friendly, so it doesn’t make sense for a search engine like Google (whose objective is to let people find information faster) to allow you to appear on the first few pages if web surfers don’t like your content!

In this express Conversion Rate Optimisation Video, I’ll run you through some quick and simple ways to improve reduce your bounce rate so you can get more sales, more inquiries and better rankings online.

You can watch it here:

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