Facebook Ads Going Mobile

Facebook Ads Going Mobile

Facebook is immense. With 845 million users, it’s hard for even the most entrenched offline marketer to downplay its marketing potential – and that potential has just increased.

The social network recently announced plans to pursue mobile advertising. For anyone already advertising on Facebook, this should be of great interest, since almost half of those users access the website using their mobile phones.

What does this mean for you and your business?

  • Since nearly half of Facebook’s users are mobile, your ad impressions have the potential to rise by almost 50%
  • Your location-based Facebook ads will be served to mobile visitors in those locations, which should increase relevancy and conversions while decreasing CPCs
  • If you haven’t been advertising on Facebook, you’re likely to fall even further behind your competition.

How to effectively use mobile advertising on Facebook

When creating your mobile Facebook campaigns, keep in mind the following figures from a study conducted by RuderFinn:

  • Women buy online more than men, so you may want to target your ad specifically to women, or at least trial a female-specific version
  • Younger consumers are more likely to make a purchase through their mobile phones than older users
  • As with any PPC campaign, it’s imperative to keep experimenting and improving your ads to achieve the best ROI

This has all come about because of Facebook’s desire to appeal to investors given its recent IPO. You should take advantage and let Facebook advertise your products to its users wherever they are.

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