Facebook Takeover Of Friendfeed

Facebook Takeover Of Friendfeed

Today it was announced that the social media giant Facebook has set out to acquire FriendFeed their nearest competitor.
The cost for the acquisition of the competitor has been set at 50 million US dollars. 15 million being paid upfront and the rest made up in Facebook company shares.

Friendfeed is very much like facebooks little brother with the exception of a few beneficial features like:
– An ability to search the entire site for information, which is not currently something you are able to do in Facebook.
– A lack of annoying networking Applications.
– It has more of a twitter like approach in that your relationship with other member is only one way, you are able to follow anyone regardless of weather or not you know them and there is no two way relationships like there is on Facebook.
Other than this the two sites are very similar.

Though the immediate response from FreindFeed members has been negative I personally think that the new direction that facebook will have on friendfeed will be positive in the long run.

To read more or get the latest updated information on this takeover please visit this page.

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