Facebook Page Marketing Tips

Facebook Page Marketing Tips

If you’re into the whole social media thing then I’m sure you will know that Facebook marketing is a key medium. With over 500 million users, it is definitely something you can leverage off and maximise upon if done correctly. Below are some tips that were put together by Altimeter Group, gathered from 34 sources.

1. Set Community Expectations
Firstly, brands must clearly convey expectations so that fans know how to best interact with the page. Will you be providing tips? deals? support? news or information? Secondly, you must set community guidelines to ensure that your followers are acting appropriately in return for the services and or products you are providing to them. See details on how to manage your online community.

2. Provide Cohesive Branding
The aim of this is to differentiate your brand from any other brand out in the market, especially those of your competitors. Complete all your profile information, and ensure that all your online profiles, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Foursquare etc, have the same theme. This will enable your followers to relate to your brand no matter what medium they prefer. If you have the resources and knowledge, try to create unique tabs and custom applications on your Facebook page to engage and broaden your brand’s user experience.

3. Be Up To Date
Users who are following your brand like new and up-to-date content. It also shows that you are in tune with the world and are giving back to the community. Your content should have an 80%/20% split, information/brand respectively. The content should be engaging to new and existing followers of your brand, and it should be written in such a way that you are not talking solely about your brand, but AS your brand. See my tips on how to smlog.

4. Live Authenticity
Humans are the orchestrators behind the brands, so don’t hide behind your brand logo. Ensure that all administrators have their profile pictures completed and that they connect with your followers on a personal note, i.e. responding in first person and in a conversational tone.

5. Participate in Dialogue
Connect with users via dialogue and build trust and rapport. Foster two-way communication by commenting on posts, acknowledging fans, providing rewards. Instead of flooding your page and wall with marketing and branding messages only, use it as a medium so that others can see your daily activity and engagement. This will also aid your brand awareness as interactions between users are cascaded amongst each participants own network of friends.

6. Enable Peer-to-Peer Interactions
An exceptional way of creating chatter about your brand is to allow others to talk about it. Simple isn’t it? Facilitate the need for users to have a common interest (your brand) and also allow them to discuss it at length. If you see two people engaged in a conversation, as an outsider, you are more likely than not interested in what they are discussing at length. The same applies here. Users who are not yet followers need to see that your brand is a topic of conversation.

7. Foster Advocacy
As a follow on of the point above, when users are allowed to talk and interact together about your brand, you should be asking them to be advocates of your brand. If you don’t ask, you don’t get, and if you have a user who does like your brand, why would they hesitate to share it with their friends? Sometimes the simplest things tend to slip from your conscious mind and all it takes is a simple jolt to reactivate or remember it.

8. Solicit a Call to Action
Some brands fail to survive because they fail to bridge the gap between engagement and sale. There is an art to sales, and you must assist and guide the user from one end to the other. Using the right call to action plan is essential, and the transition must not be impeded by non-critical factors, or by redirecting the user’s attention elsewhere. If you do not provide the right course, then the user will never reach the destination.

Have you used any of the above tips on your Facebook page? What results have you seen? Is there now an increase community following? If you have used any of the above mentioned tips, let us know how it benefited your brand.

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