Facebook Questions – The Next Search Engine?

Facebook Questions – The Next Search Engine?

What is the most popular search engine?

What is the best Thai restaurant in the Lower North Shore?

What is Facebook Questions?

Are these the types of questions you would normally type into the Google search engine? You would probably say yes.

Let me ask you now – how often are you browsing around on Facebook? Finding out what others are doing in their spare time (or time they have made for Facebook updating). Australians are spending more and more time on Facebook, and there are more things to do on the social network than you probably know exist.

As a business and entrepreneur, there are an abundance of people that you could be selling your product or service to, however how do you know what you are providing is what they want? You don’t! Well, if your product sales are going through the roof, then you are safe to say that you do have something that consumers want.

Let’s look at the opposite scenario where your sales are struggling, however it is your passion to be selling item X. The only way for you to find out how to customise your product or service so that consumers are willing to buy it, is to ask questions. Facebook Questions is the tool that will give you social answers!

As the administrator of your Business Page, you have the ability to ask questions of all your fans and gauge their responses by providing several options.

Creating specific options for fans to choose from

Creating specific options for fans to choose from

How is this beneficial? First of all, you can only improve your products and or services if you know that something is wrong. More often than not consumers will just turn around and smile and say that the food/product/hair cut (I experienced a terrible encounter at the hairdressers last weekend!) was fantastic! Why? Because they don’t see the value in them wasting more time to tell you what was wrong – they just want to pay the bill and escape the horrifying experience. In this case, no news is not good news. You should probe and ask a few more questions, such as “What did you like about it?” or “If there had to be one thing that you didn’t like about the food, what would it be?”

Providing different response options is also a great way to find out what did work, and what didn’t work for you. You must decide carefully however on whether or not you want to allow users to ‘create their own response options’ when answering your question – you don’t want too many various reasons why they liked your product or service, nor do you want people creating options on why they would never do business with you again. Instead, create options that will allow you to ask a follow up question. An example could be answer option of “Yes, I loved the food” followed up next time by “Out of the 3 courses, which did you like the most?” and so on and so on.

The beauty of Facebook Questions is that you know who selected which option! Reward those that have provided good feedback so that you create an additional layer of service, and for those that chose the option of “I will never do business with you again”, they do want to be heard and want your attention otherwise they would not have answered your question! This is the perfect opportunity for you to address their concerns or issues, whether it be via telephone (if you have details) or via Facebook itself, and maintain that relationship.

So how will you incorporate the features of Facebook Questions into your social media campaign or online community management? Share with us below some uses that you think would be beneficial to you and your business – we’d love to hear what ideas you come up with!

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