Flow Visualisations for Google Analytics

Flow Visualisations for Google Analytics

Google Analytics introduced Visitors Flow last week, a tool for creating interactive flow graphs that represent how visitors “flow” through your website. These convenient visualisations of the Visitor Path report make it much easier to segment user behaviour and optimise the visitor experience. Another tool added was Goal Flow, which does the same thing with your website’s goals.

About Visitors Flow

Visitors Flow creates flow graphs that represent your number of visitors across a given time period, how they entered and exited your website, and where they clicked to navigate from page to page. The graphs can be particularly useful for analysing and reducing your bounce and exit rates.

Google Analytics Visitors Flow

Another benefit of the flow visualisers is their high interactivity. You can interact with the graph and highlight different pathways in order to see information about particular connections or nodes. For example, the picture below displays where I have hovered over a chosen connection:

Visitor Flow Analytics


This feature allows you to answer important questions about the success of your online marketing efforts. For instance, if you were wondering how engaged your visitors were by a promotional landing page, you can find out using flow visualisations. This can also be applied to questions about levels of visitor engagement with your website as a whole.

You can find this visualiser on the left hand navigation menu, where the new Visitors Flow” link will appear under the Visitors section. For more information on how to use Flow Visualisation click here

About Goal Flow

Goal Flow is available if you have set goals in Google Analytics. It graphically represents the path visitors took to complete a conversion, and where along the conversion funnel they dropped off. Currently, only URL destination goals are supported in Analytics, however, Google will soon be adding events and other possible goal types.

This tool can be found via the Goal Flow Visualiser in the Conversions -> Goal section of the Standard Reporting tab. It visualises data such as:

  • The volume of visits to the website according to the dimension chosen (e.g. Traffic Source)
  • The rates at which visitors dropped off different pathways
  • Where and how each visitor navigated according to predefined goal steps
  • How visitors interacted with the website (e.g. going back to previous goal steps)
  • How visitors arrived at a page of interest

For those without a current goal or goal funnels already defined, you can still create a new goal or goal funnel and check it out straight away, since the tool works backwards on your historical data.

For more information on how to use Goal Flow Visualisation click here.

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