Former Google Employees Challenging the Giant

Former Google Employees Challenging the Giant

A small group of ex-Google employees have started a search engine company with hopes of conquering the “big three”: Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft. The founders of the company (Anna Patterson and Tom Costello) were integral members of Google, working on the algorithm, the heart of the Google.

Their new search engine, Cuil (pronounced “Cool”), promises to deliver  more relevant results, and with a larger search index. There have been plenty of other search engines who have attempted to break into the market, however Cuil believe their pedigree, combined with indexing more sites will give them an edge. Not all analysts agree with the methodology however, as Danny Sullivan has these thoughts:

…unimpressed by Cuil’s claim that its index includes more Web pages, noting that that could mean users are “overwhelmed by a whole bunch of junk”

For more information on the new company, check out the New York Times article.

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  • Dwight Stegall
    Posted at 4:59 pm, December 22, 2008

    If they have more pages indexed than Google where are they? Every search I did gave me a single results page with about 9 results plus a few links in that box on the right-side of the results page?

    I believe there’s more brag than fact there. Google is still laughing all the way to the bank. 🙂

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