Free Google Analytics Education

Free Google Analytics Education

Besides this very informative and well-written blog post on Google Analytics, you can find many resources on and offline that will give you the education you need to understand your web analytics data. For the majority of you reading this post, I would imagine you are hard working business professionals who want to have a firm grasp of the basics so that you can understand better how your online marketing campaign is running (as well as probably wanting to understand what your SEO and PPC consultants are talking about during meetings). This post is for you!

It is easy to get lost searching the web for the hard and fast facts on web analytics, so I am going to point you in the right direction and get you up to speed with the essentials. That way you can leave the complicated and boring analysis to your consultants.

Google provides many excellent resources in a number of different formats for its Google Analytics package. The best thing is that they are delivered in fairly simple terms so as not to confuse you, and you can pick and choose modules based on your current knowledge level and/or interests.

Seminars for Success

The in-person seminars are run mostly in the US, however there are some offered in Sydney, Australia. In half or full day options, you can learn the good stuff from independent search marketing professionals on topics from introductory to advanced technical training. Check here for more information and seminar dates.

Conversion University

Powerpoint type presentations with audio and live demonstrations. You can go through at your own pace and watch these educational clips that cover topics from First Steps and Interpreting Reports through to Fundamentals and In-Depth Analysis. Click here for more information and a list of the modules covered in each section.

Google Analytics YouTube Channel

Lots of great videos from tutorials to interviews with well-known gurus in the analytics world. Head there now to check out some great information on the latests and greatest in web analytics.

So how did that all go down? Feeling confident? Well now that you are close to being an expert on web analytics, head to the Google Testing Centre to get yourself some official qualifications!

Good luck and happy learning!

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