GA Tips: Google Intelligence Makes You Smarter

GA Tips: Google Intelligence Makes You Smarter

Intelligence is a feature of Google Analytics of which not many people are aware. The majority of my clients are used to checking on the standard and more common reporting metrics and more often than not, do not have the time to dig deeper into their website’s analytics to discover the gold buried within. This post is to inform you, the busy professional, about the joy of Google Intelligence – and how you can get it to work for you in order to give you greater understanding of your website’s performance.

Google Intelligence allows users to set up custom and automatic alerts to inform them of major traffic changes. For example, alerts can be set up to notify you of changes to a particular page’s bounce rate, pageviews, traffic streams from a specific geographic location, and even specific keywords! This feature can be used for notification of any potential issues occurring on the site that could affect your business and allow for a fast response. It could also be used to track an SEO or other online marketing campaign’s performance.

Some example of default automatic alerts available via Intelligence:

  • Total visits decreases by more than 50.0%
  • Total page views decreases by more than 50.0%
  • Percent new visitors decreases by more than 50.0%
  • Referring sites goal conversion rate decreases by more than 50.0%
  • Organic search total visits decreases by more than 50.0%

Alerts can be setup to be sent daily, weekly or monthly.

Setting up Intelligence is very easy if you follow these simple steps:

  1. Log into ‘Google Analytics’
  2. Navigate your way to your ‘Dashboard’
  3. Under ‘My Customizations’, click ‘Intelligence’

How to navigate to Intelligance

From here you can:

a. ‘Enable Automatic Reports’
b. ‘Set ‘Default Alert Sensitivity’ to low or high
c. Setup ‘Custom Alerts’
d. View ‘Alert Templates’

Google Intelligance Features

Google Intelligance Features

Recently, Google have added some new features to improve Google Intelligence. The ‘Major Contributors’ feature allows you to see the causes of major traffic changes and can display up to 5 segments that have contributed to that particular change. Another new feature is that you can send alerts to multiple recipients so that you can send specific reports to the appropriate person in your organisation to whom that report is relevant. Google Analytics users in the US are lucky enough to have the ability to receive SMS alerts as well, so hopefully this is rolled out in Australia soon (I know what I will be asking Google for Christmas).

I hope you have learned some new ways to keep on top of your online marketing. If you are anything like me then you want to know what major changes are happening on your site as soon as they happen so you can get straight into the action. Do you use Intelligence? What custom reports are you using and how do they help you?

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