Getting Your Business Online Part 2 – Planning

Getting Your Business Online Part 2 – Planning

Welcome to Part 2 of ‘Getting Your Business Online’.

As I mentioned in Part 1 of ‘Getting Your Business Online’ before Christmas, planning is very important. It will help you to accurately assess what you really need.

An old carpentry saying sums it up perfectly. “Measure twice and cut once”.

This comprehensive list of questions will help you “measure” what you need before starting on your website.

1. What is the main purpose of your website?
(eg. to generate new business)

2. Do you know who your target audience is?
(eg. males and females between the age of 18 and 25)

3. How will people find your website?

4. Why will people return to your website?
(eg. incentive programs, up-to-date information)

5. Are there any existing brand or style guidelines that must be adhered to?
(eg. specific colours or fonts)

6. Can you provide examples of other websites you like the look and style of?

7. Do you require a static or animated website?

8. If you chose animated, how much content needs to be animated?
(eg. the entire website or just a simple animation on the home page)

Please Note: Flash animation will not be visible on mobile devices such as the Apple iPhone or iPad.

9. Approximately how many ‘secondary’ pages do you require?
(eg. 5 pages – about us, services, products, news, contact us)

10. Do you require assistance with copywriting?

11. Do you have all of the necessary images?

12. Do you require any special functionality?
(eg. content management, database integration, eCommerce)

13. Are there any other special features you require?
(eg. forms, gallery, blog, forum, calendar, map, audio, video)

14. Do you require domain name registration?

15. Do you require website hosting?

16. How many email accounts will you require?
(eg. [email protected], [email protected])

17. Are you interested in email marketing?
(eg. monthly email containing the latest news and special offers)

18. Are you interested in search engine optimisation?

19. Are you interested in search engine marketing such as Google AdWords?

20. What is your budget for this project?

21. What is your timing for this project?

Next time, I will discuss ‘Working with a Web Designer/Developer’. I will provide you with helpful tips on what to expect and the processes involved.

Simon Bailey is a graphic & website designer with over 15 years experience. His business, Simon Bailey Design, is located on Sydney’s upper north shore and is dedicated to providing clients with Outstanding Design, Expert Advice and Professional Service.

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