Google AdWords Extends Ad Headline

Google AdWords Extends Ad Headline

Google is currently testing extensions on the highlighted blue headings on sponsored link ad lines. These current testings are appearing in the top three ad positions resulting in longer headlines (as seen below):



As you can see in the above picture, the first ad has a shorter blue heading compared to the second picture which is longer. In the second ad, the first line description is shorter and the heading longer.

Google has made these changes because they feel a higher click through rate may be achieved based on a more descriptive and stand out heading. As you can see from the above picture, it is a lot easier to read the stand out statement from the second ad than it is as the first. Bold and bright blue text is certainly more eyecatching than plain black.

These changes will happen automatically if your ads are in the top three results. Because of this development, it is important to ensure that each description line of your ad has proper punctuation and a distinct sentence, so it will look natural when merged.

Keep in mind that when writing ads the overall character count has not increased – the headline has just been given more character space than the description. An important tip to remember when structuring your ads.

Has your headline and first sentence merged? If so, have you have noticed an increased click through rate or more qualified leads coming through? We’d love to hear some feedback on Google AdWords’ latest development!

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